Our Remodeling Process

  • Remodelling Bathroom

At QRS we believe in building relationships through good communication; we will use our initial meeting to start that relationship, listening to your goals for your home or business property improvements. That meeting is the important first step in our remodeling process. We will take notes, measurements, and provide consultation on how best to turn your dreams into reality.

You may have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, or you may like some help with the design of your construction or remodeling project. Either way, we can help you. It’s good to have all decision-makers present at that initial meeting, so we can have a positive discussion and get a consensus on the work you’d like done, and the best way to achieve it.

The Initial Remodeling Meeting

Typically we review the following at our initial meeting:

  • What’s the nature of project you would like us to quote on? Bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation, house painting, complete remodel, trash-out…etc
  • What’s your objective? Why are you considering this project? The answer to this lets us know the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ – Flipping the home for a quick sale, extending master bedroom suite for more space, always wanted a built-in BBQ & Ramada…etc
  • What is it in particular that you don’t like? Old fashioned cabinets, 1970s style bathroom decor, house curb appeal needs improving…etc
  • Do you have a design in mind? If not, and you’d like our help, what kind of design style do you prefer? Traditional, Contemporary, European, Mediterranean etc…
  • Do you have a set budget in mind? If we know a figure up front of what you’re prepared to invest in your home or business, then that helps us cut our cloth accordingly and match our proposal and designs to your expectations.

Download Kitchen Remodel Questionnaire  Download Bathroom Remodel Questionnaire

What’s Next

After the initial meeting, we will prepare a detailed line by line budget estimate for your approval. If you approve the budget, we schedule the job and make sure you have a copy of our ‘what to expect’ checklist, which has some valuable hints and tips of how to prepare your home and yourselves for our team’s arrival.


Contact QRS Today

To arrange this free, no-obligation initial meeting, call us at 480.666.9900 or use our contact form and we’ll come to meet with you to learn more about your remodeling project. We look forward to meeting you.