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Let Quality Reliable Solutions, based in Mesa, AZ, be your real estate property services team across Maricopa County. From BINSR repairs, to REO facelifts and remodels, to 203K Loan properties, the quality and responsiveness of our real estate services is well respected by banks, real estate agents, and homeowners across Metro Phoenix.

BINSR (Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response)

The BINSR form in real estate is used to notify the seller of repairs that need to be completed on the home before the buyer will sign the final contract. These home repairs, minor or major, usually need to be completed quickly so the sale can go through on schedule. We are proud of our ability to complete quality repairs in a timely fashion.

REO (Real Estate Owned)

QRS is established as the preferred contractor of numerous banks and real estate agents in the Phoenix area. From minor facelifts to complete trash outs and remodeling, the quality and professionalism of our REO response is well-respected and unmatched.

203K Loan Properties

Under 203K Loans, buyers of a home are able to perform upgrades and repairs to their property with no minimum dollar amount, but a maximum dollar amount of $35,000 (including 10% contingency). Those who have 203K loans have three months from closing date to finalize all repairs or upgrades. We have a great deal of experience of working with 203K loans in Phoenix, from carrying out minor repairs and renovations, to complete house remodeling.


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